Variations: Scanning over empty space

Photography Series

Extreme Resolution Scanner Images: Archival Pigment Print

"Tiny details imperceptible to us decide everything."
— W.G. Sebald, Vertigo

"Detail" exhibition is an investigation of eight artists with different standpoints, who approach details that we miss out on, overlook, ignore, and think we can’t perceive. The artists, that can further regard the detail as a technique, aim to close the contemporary gap between the piece of art and the viewer by creating works that invite the viewer beyond the visible. The exhibition focuses on the way in which these eight artists that use different techniques examine the details they incorporate to their works, while concurrently centering on the process of production. Thus, artists’ own commentaries on the "detail" outline the exhibition itself.

From the prologue text of "DETAIL" exhibition which took place at BLOK Art Space in Istanbul between April 6 and May 12, 2016.


"Detail makes a mental map and a ruler necessary. Exactly like a Hubble deep space photograph, in which several thousand galaxies are displayed through a gap smaller than a hundred meters to sixty-five millimeters…"