New Memory: Cyanotype Reconstruction of Digital Artefacts

Photography Series

Cynaotype Prints

'New Memory' overlaps the experimental necessities of cyanotype technique with the similar structure of digital glitch and enlarging mechanisms. Uncertain, unidentified human faces left behind in the photographs were enlarged with different interpolation methods such as bicubic, bilinear or nearest-neighbor and reproduced as cyanotype prints.

New Memory Series
New Memory Series

The viewer feels as if they are looking at a memory residue about their past in stereotype imagery that is barely understood, misleading, or inaccurate. This memory residue is similar to the refined version of images have seen on a previously crossed street, in a train car or on any surface. New Memory attempts to reveal and/or explore these images. The aura of what is left in between, the little to be perceived, [apparent or incoherent] or the simultaneous presence there, remains as a layer in the atmosphere. [noosphere]

New Memory Series

'New Memory' makes visual aesthetic concepts such as disappearance, forgetting, existence/absence relationship become subconscious indicators.