A circular everyday

Photography Series

Mecidiyeköy is an experimental photographic documentation of one of Istanbul's busiest districts. The series of images were created by superimposing frames taken from short clips and reconstructing a timing mechanism that mimics the circular characteristics of the area.

Mecidiyeköy Series

It is a place where Istanbul's transit crowd can be clearly seen, as it connects Büyükdere and Ortaklar Street from the south and Mecidiye Yolu Street from the north. Additionally, a highway runs right through the middle of the district, creating a vertical pattern of Istanbul metro, metro bus, and bus lines on the horizontal layers of the region.

Mecidiyeköy Series

Mecidiyeköy serves as the hub of the city, connecting different areas of Istanbul and ensuring the smooth flow of transit, like the heart in the body. At certain times of the day, the junction becomes blocked, acting as a midpoint where all the veins intersect. This analogy, which describes the properties of the region as similar to an organic suspension, highlights the importance of viewing Mecidiyeköy from above, much like a surgeon would during heart surgery.