manifest for user8371979238129771892

Installation, Video, Manifesto

HD Video, 3 MINUTES.

manifest for user8371979238129771892 is a cryptic manifesto hidden in the terminal code line, for a code worker.


"We have a digital footprint as a community. And this footprint makes up our reality. Now we have a reality that big numbers are important to our number of files where every move is recorded, not characteristic movements or meaningful images. And these data collapses are constantly renumbered. user8371979238129771892, and perhaps for another systematic structure, the first thirty-five digits of the location data, the other ten digits of the possible area coordinates, and the other 74 digits may contain some sort of classification in gender-bounded analysis. This digital footprint, which we constantly release (and the only action we do), creates light paths for algorithmic robots that come from behind us. In the centralized dystopias of the '90s, we are pleased to see ourselves at the terminal of security cameras (as we are). Because it was at least us or our actions belonged to us. We are not there anymore. We lost our representation in over-illuminated lighted paths. We are sub-class users, allowing all social media software to use the microphone, or accept the contract without reading it. We do not know what to expect. The change in the system interface, the change in the color of a button, for example, is a constant change in our perceptual unity. As sub-class users, we do not accept the observational artworks of data visualization. We are infrastructure workers. A small part of us builds software that processes data, and the vast majority of it provides data storage. We feed miner robot programs that are actually pursuing operability. And we, our reality, become a raw material. We are no different from the data warehouse with our bodily integrity and all our ability. And another alternative. We have no other choice but to prove this truth proactively and constantly."