Kernel Panic:
A Duo Exhibition


HD Video Loop, Multi-Channel Slide Projection, Xerox Prints
A4 & A3 & 70×100CM (Limited Edition)

Kernel Panik is a temporary space intervention project made specifically for the NOKS Art Space in Kadıköy, based on a mutual thought and working practice by Cenkhan Aksoy and Burak Dikilitaş.

Kernel Panic is also the name of a security measure enforced by the kernel of the operating system, in computer terminology. This precaution is put into action when an internal, catastrophic error is detected that could cause the system to fail or cause massive data loss. During Kernel Panic, mostly the script that runs incorrectly puts the software system in a kind of infinite loop, causing the hardware to overload in a way that it cannot handle.

This situation is similar to the situation of the human being in today's rapidly accelerated daily practice. Kernel Panic mechanism, which can be simplified to temporarily or permanently shut down the system, protects overloaded hardware and ensures its proper functioning. Today individuals have security mechanisms against physical or mental overload at different layers within the vital practice or system.

The practice of the two artists who work with the space is like two different faces of the temporal section taken from the kernel panic moment. In contrast to Cenkhan's pictorial approach based on motion, Burak focuses on playing with the spatial conditions using different imaging methods.

The intervention, which consists of the intersection of two common but equally different practices, tries to build a systemic projection of the Kernel Panic moment.