Interstellar Cartography


Video Loop, Found Objects

Interstellar Cartography is a site-specific installation project made for the "DARAĞAÇ | bu arada" exhibition which took place at 1519th Street in İzmir Umurbey Neighborhood. It is also the first of the Saturn trilogy as a story. The installation consists of displaying a video and various found objects placed in the basement of an old house.


The video shows the enigmatic reports written by an alien who has fallen into the Earth in order to repair the cartography device to return his own planet. The place centered a speculative fiction story around the reports was designed to be the private room of the alien living and working in Darağaç during his time on the Earth.

This is the most suitable place to understand the psychological profile of the alien. In fact, his Aleph.* It is dark and claustrophobic. The construct has indicators that mention such a journey cannot be realized. A perfect example of a failure. It focuses the viewer not to be able to escape and obviously the idea of not being free. And it tries to display a kind of projection of being trapped in the actual conditions situated from the political atmosphere of the present-day.

* "The Aleph" is the name and the main subject of the story of Jorge Luis Borges published in 1945. It is portrayed as a mental state in which the boundaries of time and space conditions are removed and everything is experienced in a moment.